How to Make Homemade Vinegar

Pucker up, puckerpuss! We’re about to get sour. 

I wrote this really in-depth piece on making homemade vinegar for The Blender, the blog of Williams Sonoma, and I just wanted to share.

It starts off like this:

…Starting with good red or white wine is a step in the right direction. My guess is that you already know where to buy quality wine, champagne, sherry, or cider – the best flavored vinegars always start with well-flavored, highly drinkable alcohols that lean a little sweet.

To it, one must add our personal, bacterial friend Mycoderma aceti, better known as a “mother”—the spongy spore that turns all things alcoholic into vinegar. Beyond that, all else that’s needed is a storage vessel, maybe a little water, and weeks or months of patience…

Why not read the whole thing?


3 thoughts on “How to Make Homemade Vinegar

  1. Pam

    I just found your website and purchased 2 of your Kindle books. I was hoping to find a recipe for Japanese Pickled Garlic. Not there! Do you have one you could share?

    Thanks, Pam

    1. Karen Solomon Post author

      Hi Pam! Many thanks for getting in touch. I’ve included a pickled garlic recipe in the Korean chapter, and a sweet pickled garlic recipe of Thai influence in the forthcoming chapter on southeast Asia, but i’m afraid I don’t have one for Japan. So sorry! I would give the Korean one a go, though. Much closer to a Japanese style.

      1. Pam

        Hi Karen,
        Thank you so much for getting back to me.. I will give the Koren Pickled Garlic a try and let you know how it goes..


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