Media Coverage for Cured Meat, Smoked Fish, & Pickled Eggs

I just had to share these quick ditties of media love!


From Front Burner in the New York Times:

“I liked the variations she suggests, and cross-references she gives when it comes to methods. She offers details like timing, yields, storage and uses. Her recipe for rousong (a.k.a. pork floss) — a fluffy kind of pork topping like fried pulled pork — is a keeper.”



From J. Weekly

“For “Cured Meat,” Solomon dove deep into other cultures, looking at their traditions for preserving food, like pemmican, a Native American dried fruit and meat snack, biltong, a South African dried meat, and the more well-known bacalao, a Spanish salted cod. One of her favorite recipes in the new book is Moroccan preserved lamb, called khlea. Lamb is cured with cumin and then preserved in fat.”



From Living Homegrown podcast:

“The thing that really struck me about your recipes was how easy the dry curing was, because you could do it in the refrigerator in less than a week. You don’t have to go out and buy some special dry curing vessel. You could use your refrigerator, which I think makes people feel safe because they know that things are in the refrigerator, but it was really simple with salts and spices and things like that, so very, very fun. I love that one.” (Full transcript here)



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