Tons of new work…

So…it seems that I'm suddenly doing a ton of freelance work for the Chron's Datebook and other various A&E assignments. Also doing a ton of stuff for SF Mag, a piece on Park(ing) Day, a very cool art installation of parks in parking lots, and a travel piece on lovely Pescadero.

Also, it turns out that my book, Cheap Bastard's Guide to SF, has been postponed somewhat. Looks like it won't be out until September or so – about a month later than I'd originally heard.

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Totally mellow bake-filled weekend….

…but I made the best bread I've ever made.  Tip I picked up from Cook's Illustrated – use honey, rather than sugar, to proof the yeast.  Also, here's what else seems to work for bread:  total neglect!  Let it rise not only multiple times, but for more than an hour while you're out at the farmers market.  The yeast gets Thanksgiving bloated and eats a bit more, but just stops after it has had its full.  

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