curing olives in a canning jar

DIY: Recipe for Curing Olives at Home

   In November, 2017, I gave a workshop at Preserved Oakland on curing, marinating, and serving the unripe olives commonly grown in Northern California’s San Francisco Bay Area. I’m working on a self-published zine (along with amazing artist and graphic designer Arin Fishkin) with lots more specific details on method, sourcing olives, and more; it should be ready for the 2018 […]

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Asian Pickles Food Writing recipe
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Fresh Indian Apple Chutney Recipe

   I am so thrilled to have once again partnered with JCCSF Pop-Ups to participate in their October 7, 2017 Ferry Plaza Farmers Market Sukkot extravaganza! The Jewish holiday of Sukkot is all about celebrating agriculture and the harvest. What better place to do so than around some of the SF Bay Area’s best farmers and food artisans? Apples are the […]

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Food Writing
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Cured Meat, Smoked Fish & Pickled Eggs: 65 Flavorful Recipes for Preserving Protein-Packed Foods – NEW Cookbook, Available July, 2018

   Guys, I am super duper thrilled to announce my new cookbook to the world – Cured Meat, Smoked Fish & Pickled Eggs: 65 Flavorful Recipes for Preserving Protein-Packed Foods This is my first book with Storey Publishing, and they have been tremendous partners on this journey. For years I have been making wonderful pickles and preserved foods, but I wanted […]

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Food Writing recipe
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Fermented Apples, Fermented Honey, and Cabbage Apple Onion Caraway Sauerkraut Recipes

   I had the pleasure of partnering with the JCCSF and the California Academy of Sciences How To: Fermentation NightLife series to do a sauerkraut demonstration and serve fermented apples and honey on September 7th, 2017. If you’re seeking some new recipes and new traditions for Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year, you have come to the right place.   Kraut with Cabbage, Apple, Onion, and […]

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Asian Pickles Food Writing recipe
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Japanese Fermented Rice Bran Pickles (Nukazuke)

   If quick pickles (quickies!) are a one-night stand, then rice bran pickles are a long-term monogamous commitment. Don’t get me wrong; I love my nukadoko (the pickling “theater”, i.e. bed used to make nukazuke) for the magical, meaty, earthen pickles it can provide. But this has become more of a relationship, and less of a foodstuff. It needs attention every […]

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