Cold Brewed Iced Tea

Image of cold brewed iced tea

Beat summer swelter in a kitchen project that takes 32 seconds. Cold brewed iced tea is not only easier and more energy efficient than boiling tea and cooling it, but it is stunningly refreshing, devoid of any shred of bitterness that comes from over-steeped tea.

Image of cold brewed iced tea

Cold water releases different tannins in the tea. The result, much like cold-brewed coffee (also delicious, particularly this one that includes chicory), is a sweeter, milder cup that will keep you cool and caffeinated all day long.

Do this: to 1 quart of fresh, cold tap water, add 2 (for milder) or 3 (for stronger) tea bags (I like PG Tips, but I’m sure any tea will suffice). Cover and refrigerate at least 4 hours. I drink it all the next day without even removing the tea bags (though you may wish to).


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