Edible Escapes Radio

So SF Food Nerds: Did you know we had a food radio show?  I mean, LA has Good Food. The Midwest has Splendid Table. Doncha think it's about time that we foodie folk had a bite-sized radio show of our own?

I'm so convinced of this that several years ago I bought SFFoodRadio.com because, well, I was going to start my own food radio show. Are you listening Air America??

Well, luckily for all of us, two guys who actually eat food and understand how radio waves work have beat me to the punch. I've just recently learned of Edible Escapes, and I was a guest on the show last Sunday along with Rachel Saunders of Blue Chair. We talked about jam (duh!), pickles, canning tomatoes, smoked meat, etc.  When the show is available I will post it.

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