New Chow Tips! Video on Horchata/Rice Milk

Thank you, Chow! I love doing videos with you. Here’s my latest and greatest – rice milk and horchata recipe demonstration in 52 seconds – with two more scheduled to roll out soon…

2 Comments on “New Chow Tips! Video on Horchata/Rice Milk”

  1. Karen, Thanks so much for the recipe. I really appreciate it. But I have one question. I notice my rice milk is a little gritty. Is there anything I can do to make it more smooth? I’m using the Ninja blender so it seems like I’ve got enough power. Would a Vitamix be any better as it’s the Rolls Royce of blenders? Or are there any other ways to solve this problem.

    1. What’s up, cookie? Try this: During the straining process, use a double layer of kitchen towel (wet it first to keep it from stealing your precious milk). This should do the trick. Good luck, and lemme know how it goes.

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