Jam It Salon Recap – July 21, 2011

Thank you to 18 reasons and to everyone for coming last night!  Certainly I cannot remember everything that we tasted and talked about, but here's my lame attempt: We had an amazing spread…more of Tarril's three great pickles (including cherry tomatoes), an outstanding peach chutney and apple butter, excellent Hungarian plum sauces and a cherry port, strawberry jam, Kirsten's delish toffee with chocolate, strawberries with gin, lime, and sugar, and a killer persimmon butter. McEvoy Ranch came and did a sneak-tasting of their new jams they will be selling, and they were great!  I also brought some fresh almond milk, chocolate almond spread, sweet red pepper and corn relish, some fresh peach butter…SEE what ya'll missed? :>

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