Me, Living and Fleshy, at 18 Reasons, Thursday, July 21, 2011

First off, a zillion thanks to Celia at Omnivore Books for hosting my incoherent talk at her bookstore this past weekend. Despite the fact that I did close to nothing to promote the event, about 20 or so food-eaters showed up and chimed in.  Thank you to everyone. I hope to teach a class on basic canning techniques there later this year. 

For the other 6,999,980 Bay Area residents who couldn't make it that day, fret not! This Thursday, you and your jars are cordially invited to 18 Reasons for the Jam It Salon of all Jam It Salons. Sure, Can It, Bottle It, Smoke it will be in the hizzy. Your cooking projects of every kind and every level of expertise will be tasted and enjoyed. But we will also be having a food swap (optional) for all of those who wish to participate. Just bring a second jar/bag/bottle/trough of whatever you're bringing, and we will swap it for someone else's homemade excellence. 

Can you make it? Please RSVP to bolognarose at gmail dot com.

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