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canning 101 canning basics pickled carrot recipe video class

Let ME into your kitchen! (Too creepy? Sorry.)

I love teaching the fine art of kitchen project-ry. This is why I’ve partnered with the serious production team and crafting nerds of Creativebug to create a series of food and canning videos that will give you everything you need to make food in tiny jars happen on your very own countertop.

canning 101 canning basics pickled carrot recipe video classCan’t tell a lid from a band? Watch my Canning 101 class if you’ve never canned before. You will learn everything you need to know to hot water bath can, including all materials, processes, and safety precautions. To demonstrate the technique, we’ll work through a simple, scalable, adaptable pickled carrot recipe that you can use to make the pickles of your dreams.




Karen_blueberry_fbcover Ready for your first jam? Don’t fret about the perfect set! Let me walk you through the ingredients and, above all, the technique for making your first Blueberry Jam–and explain why you won’t need pectin. We’ll also go over some of the basic points of home hot water bath canning.



Karen_tomatoes_766x260But you say tomato? ToMAYto, toMAHto… we all know that canned tomatoes lead to great cookingyear round, so why not can your own high-quality product to help enhance your sauces, soups, simmers, slow braises, and more? You, me, a few jars, a case of tomatoes, and it’s a PARTY! Stock your pantry with one of the most commonly store-bought ingredients for devastatingly delicious results.   $10 buys one class, or $10/month buys access to their sickening collection of hundreds of crafting videos on ceramics, sewing, stamping, apothecary, bookbinding, embroidering, knitting, holiday decorations, kid crafts, and about a gazzilion more.

Thinking about it? Give the free trial a whirl.

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  1. Hi,

    Just watched the canning tomatoes video. How do you know the lemon juice is acidic enough for the tomato? Do you need to check the ph? Or is the 2 Tablespoons enough acid?

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