Can It on the Amazon Al Dente blog

Whoa. Who knew Amazon had blogs? Consider me educated.

Apparently they have many blogs, but of course I have now taken a shine to their food blog, Al Dente, for entirely self-serving purposes :>. Seriously, THANK YOU and a shout out to the food-savvy book keepers!

They write, in part:

The recipes read like a straight-talk cooking lesson from your funniest, quirkiest friend this side of Wendy McClure — if that friend just happened to be a creative kitchen wizard. Solomon brings on recipes for homemade rice milk ("If you've been buying the stuff in the carton, you've been paying like a sucker,") for smoked almonds, for Worcestershire sauce, pastrami, ice cream cones… and, last but surely not least, homemade cornflakes. ("There come moments in kitchen projectry when one has to ask oneself, "Is this insane?" she writes.) So to answer the above question, I think the book is showing us that canning is just the gateway project into DIY-land.

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