Press for Can It – BuffaloNews and The RecipeClub

So, contrary to what you may have thought, is NOT news FOR buffaloes, BY buffaloes. However, if there are any buffaloes out there reading the news, they will find a very charming review of my book, along with my recipe for soft pretzels. Hey Buffaloes! Don't forget the mustard.

And from the My-Mom-Thinks-I'm-Cool department, my editor for Can It, Lisa Westmoreland, wrote this very fine review of my event at the SF Ferry Building last weekend, with pictures and everything. Here are two things you didn't know about Lisa: 1) She grows plums in her backyard, and 2)She is also the editor of Joanne Weir's book, Tequila. I was under the impression that everyone Lisa edits gets their own TV show, but apparently (*ahem!*) this is not the case. Or, should I say…not YET the case.

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