Giveaway for Fermentation Geeks! FarmCurious Fermenting Set

FarmCurious fermenting set

Fellow Pickle Nerds! Our friends at urban homesteading retailer FarmCurious have asked me to test-pickle┬átheir very cool fermenting set – this is a great tool for set-it-and-forget-it krauting, kvas’ing, and so much more…. The giveaway info is below. But in the meantime, check it out:

fermenting set 1

It’s a simple concept, really. Any size Mason jar is the perfect vessel – great for making a half-gallon of your favorite or testing out just 8 oz. of something new. You add your vegetables, fruits, or whatever you’re fermenting and the salt water. Don’t leave more than 3/4-inch headspace at the top. Then snap on the airlock, and add a little water to the lock at the top. Presto! Pickles in about a week.

It’s a nifty tool because it does a great job of protecting your batch from mold and cooties, so there’s much less babysitting involved. It does render the brine a little cloudy, but this is not a dealbreaker for me.

Once sour and sparkly enough for you, just replace the cap with a regular lid and into the fridge it goes.

This being the season of holiday obligation, i can’t help but point out that this little guy is a great gift. $25 for a set of two in a ready-to-wrap cardboard tube, along with complete instructions, recipes, on online pickling support. And in the spirit of the season and effective blogging, FarmCurious would also like to give one to one of you…

Here’s the GIVEAWAY!! Answer this. What’s your favorite cookbook for pickling (ferments or vinegars)? (It doesn’t have to be mine! :>)

A winner will be chosen at random, and this whole shebang wraps up on November 25th, 2015 at midnight. Please note that your email address will also be added to my mailing list; i send about four emails a year. Oh, and if you can’t wait for the contest and you just want to BUY a fermentation set right now, enter promo code “asianpickles” for 10% off.

FarmCurious fermenting set


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Good luck and happy pickling!

15 Comments on “Giveaway for Fermentation Geeks! FarmCurious Fermenting Set”

  1. I actually love the Asian Pickles book! I was intimidated until I read this and this book makes the process so easy. Love being able to make our favorites at home.

  2. I don’t have one, I have a handful that I’ve gotten off the internet. This package would be a great help as I get into this fermentation journey.

  3. the art of fermentation by chelsea green has some recipes for making saurkraut and fermented pickles!! I’d love to win the fermenting set! I would like for you to pick me as the winner! kathy T.

  4. My daughter-in-law loves fermenting things and I thought of her right away when I read about this. I make cucumber pickles, pink onion pickles and sauerkraut. You never know what she has fermented and has in her refrigerator.

  5. I am new to home fermenting, and would like any way to help me do it better! I made some nasty-slimy beets the other day. It really made me question my ability!

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