So Much New News!

Hello BlogoUniverse! Lots happening in the world of food eating of late. First off, some mad shout-outs to those who have been tooting my horn. You know who you are. You don’t? Oh, in that case, let’s name names: Punk Domestics (both review and giveaway), SFoodie, and Healthy Green Kitchen. Also, LOVING this HIGH-larious pic with Chef Eric from Boston’s Trident Booksellers, where I did my thang September 12th, 2011.

Speaking of Bean Town (and yes, locals assured me that it’s ok to call it “Bean Town”. I mean, just try calling SF “San Fran” and you will immediately be pelted with burritos and Rice-a-Roni)…Where was I? Ah yes, Bean Town. I had the great and tremendous pleasure of speaking at the prestigious Boston University Gastronomy Program. (Many thanks, Annaliese, for making this happen!) These students were bright and shiny – and full of great questions! Good luck to the lot of you. I’ve glimpsed the future of food, and it looks hungry.

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