How to Make Homemade Vinegar

Pucker up, puckerpuss! We’re about to get sour. 

I wrote this really in-depth piece on making homemade vinegar for The Blender, the blog of Williams Sonoma, and I just wanted to share.

It starts off like this:

…Starting with good red or white wine is a step in the right direction. My guess is that you already know where to buy quality wine, champagne, sherry, or cider – the best flavored vinegars always start with well-flavored, highly drinkable alcohols that lean a little sweet.

To it, one must add our personal, bacterial friend Mycoderma aceti, better known as a “mother”—the spongy spore that turns all things alcoholic into vinegar. Beyond that, all else that’s needed is a storage vessel, maybe a little water, and weeks or months of patience…

Why not read the whole thing?


3 Comments on “How to Make Homemade Vinegar”

  1. HI,
    I just found your website and purchased 2 of your Kindle books. I was hoping to find a recipe for Japanese Pickled Garlic. Not there! Do you have one you could share?

    Thanks, Pam

    1. Hi Pam! Many thanks for getting in touch. I’ve included a pickled garlic recipe in the Korean chapter, and a sweet pickled garlic recipe of Thai influence in the forthcoming chapter on southeast Asia, but i’m afraid I don’t have one for Japan. So sorry! I would give the Korean one a go, though. Much closer to a Japanese style.

      1. Hi Karen,
        Thank you so much for getting back to me.. I will give the Koren Pickled Garlic a try and let you know how it goes..


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