I'm a Food Crush!

Most writers toil away in utter obscurity, the sole, lonely individual alone at the keyboard, stepping up to the microphone of life and asking, "Testing, testing, is this thing on?"

And every once in a while, we're handed a lovely springtime bouquet from the blogosphere. Some kind fellows over at Bay Area Food Blog were kind enough to call me their Food Crush of the Month. Here's what they had to say:


August 9, 2008…5:39 am

Food Crush of the Month: Karen Solomon

OK, so we’re new herein the Bay Area, and maybe all the food folks know Karen Solomon, but we have just discovered her thanks to Check Please Bay Area. If you’ve been reading us, or if you like fun food writing, you should definitely check her out.

Over at DC Food Blog we celebrated Mary Alice from Ace of Cakes. Perhaps there is some badass, Manic Panic, funky, eclectic, punky universe that sends these engaging super smarties out to the world?

Karen is a food writer with her own voice and on this week’s Check Please Bay Area, she reminded us why we love thinking about and writing about food. The food is the central part of the show, but the people and the stories are just as important. Food is important and enjoyable, but food as a means to connect and learn is simply wonderful.

I’m off to watch the parade of countries, enjoy a mango popsicle, and read a stack of Karen Solomon clips. Wanna come over?


Thank you, boys!

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