Interview for Cheap Bastards Guide to SF

My pal Howie did an audio interview with me for his radio show to help promote the new book to his hordes of listeners in Olympia, Washington.  Here's his email on where to find it.  I'll post the interview once i get it.  Thanks, Cowie!

Fascinating fact: – He is one of the few people who still calls me "Scooma", an old college nickname.


The show will air August 12th from 5-6pm.
So, the website is here. – there is a "byline" sort of, on the top of the blog, that has a good one-liner for the show – what it doesn't say is that the format for the show is a review of the weeks news with people from Olympia.  We also feature the news as reported in our local paper of record, Works in Progress – maybe include their website as well –
Anyhoo – look for that audio file sometime & rub Matthew's fuzzy head for me,


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