New Blog Posts for DIY Holiday Food Gifts for Williams-Sonoma

Make it your DAMN self, people! Williams-Sonoma asked me to contribute a chunky handful of posts for their Agrarian blog. They are pretty buried on the site unless you’re a truly intrepid content hound, so I am sharing them with you here:

Make it Yourself: PreservesIt’s my recipes for preserved lemons and orange marmalade, and a rant on why citrus rocks for canning.



Make it Yourself: PicklesPucker up, pickle puss. Here are a couple of great vinegar-based ways to preserve vegetables and fruits.



Make it Yourself: Krauts & KimcheeCan you stand the stank? I don’t just tolerate it…i love it! Fermented and spicy. Heavenly. In this post I pretend I know something about Korean pickles.



Make it Yourself: Infusions & SyrupsLimoncello, limoncello de crema, and infused vinegar in a rainbow of flavors. If you have hands, or anything like hands, then you have the culinary chops to infuse in your own kitchen.


Make it Yourself: Butters & CurdsI take a food preserving stance here and point out that even if every jam you’ve made has failed, you can easily turn around a gift-ready apple butter to make ’em swoon.


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