Win a Print Copy of the Asian Pickles Cookbook!

Asian Pickles Cover

Who doesn’t love Asian pickles? And who wouldn’t want their own copy of my new cookbook – signed, lipstick-kissed, and shipped to their door?

I am running my first-ever blog contest to get one of these suckers out of the boxes on my living room floor and into your kitchen.

Here’s what you need to do to be eligible to win:

Simply answer, “What is your favorite Asian pickle?” in the comments section below. Certainly wouldn’t hurt if you followed me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or signed up for the mailing list to boot. Winner will be chosen at random.

That’s it! Good luck, and thanks for pickling!

55 thoughts on “Win a Print Copy of the Asian Pickles Cookbook!

  1. Mike

    That’s a really hard question to answer. I always have gari and pickled daikon in my fridge for impromptu sushi or gimbap, kimchi to add to my morning scrambled eggs and douchi in my spice cabinet for when I’m in the mood for Chinese.

  2. Val

    Lately, it is Korean pickled turnip, but I would love to have your book and discover a whole new world of pickling (I am especially jazzed about the Japanese and Chinese recipes).

  3. Cheryl Cash

    Unfortunately I only know the pickled ginger by name but love the pickled veggies that accompany a Japanese meal. I heard the Splendid Table episode and can’t wait to try the miso pickles that were mentioned!

  4. Susan V

    I don’t know the names of the different pickled vegetables, but I want to start making some for my son. He was stationed in Seoul, S. Korea and fell in love with them …. all of them. I would love to surprise him!

  5. Aimee G

    I essentially love all things pickled, but some favorites include do chua, all the various pickle plates that are served with Korean food, and Japanese cucumber quick pickles. Can’t wait to see your book!

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