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Asian Pickles Korea is Here! (And Asian Pickles China is in the Brine…)

I am madly and brazenly in love with the cover of my second ebooklet in the Asian Pickles series!APKoreaCover

To recap: this noveau cookbook project will consist of four ebboklets and a print book, trickled slowly through your vinegar-pumped veins. In digital form only, Asian Pickles Japan, then Asian Pickles Korea, Asian Pickles China, and Asian Pickles India (all just $2.99 – cheap!). Then, in March of 2014, the seas will part, the moon and sun will collide, and Asian Pickles the printed book will grace the shelves of your favorite bookseller. So many choices, so many pickles…


    • Hi Debbie! Yes, with apologies, we are still dotting i’s and crossing t’s on that. The ebooklet is available for pre-order now, and it will be out in a couple of weeks. Thanks for your patience! – Karen


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