Baby Food Swap

In my copious free time (you know all we freelance food writers do it sit around eating bon-bons, right?) I am the host of a Baby Food Swap at my local food and arts community center, 18Reasons.

For those giving up the boob, the concept is cinchy: You make peas, I make sweet potatoes, (s)he makes oven roasted zucchini, homemade organic ricotta, and millet, and we package it up and swap it once a month – usually the second Friday, 11am). This way every caregiver spends way less time with their food processor, and every baby eats a wider variety of great food. Smart, eh? My nanny's genius idea…

We've gotten a little ink for our efforts, from Daily Candy,  the truly awesome Red Tricycle, and the grand baby of them all, Urban Baby.

Don't miss the next one, or we'll really give you something to cry about.

Oh, and trend alert: Food swaps of all kinds. It's not just for cookies anymore.

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