I Heart Food Trendz

Some people play fantasy baseball.  Other folks read gossip mags until they gag. The hobby that my s.o. and I enjoy on long car trips? Predicting waves of culinary food trends. Aforementioned s.o. suggested that I start blogging about some of this stuff, so here goes:

 – KFC hit it right out of the park. Why use bread when donuts, fried chicken slabs, or waffles will do? Any kind of sandwich made from anything other than boring ol' bread is officially "in".

 – Maple. This classic Canadian sweetener is gong to resurge on the scene and continue to get as hip and as ironic as paneled walls and plaid. I bought some maple sugar at a food event in the Midwest last year and I cannot get enough. Now that agave has had its day, maple is sweet hot.

– Milk chocolate is back. Those who prefer it creamy no longer have to pretend to like the deep, dark, dairy-free chalk. Artisan milk chocolates are on the upswing.

-Homemade sodas and syrups. We've been through wine, we've bottomed out on homebrew beer. Now, the latest wave to sweep beverages are homemade house sodas, both on the restaurant scene and at home.

 Wheee!!!  This is fun.  I've never been public with this stuff before. Thoughts and feedback appreciated! Til next time…

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