IACP 2017 Conference Download – The Business of the Food Tour: How to Launch, Operate, and Profit from Culinary Tours


Welcome attendees of the International Association of Culinary Professionals 2017 conference in Louisville, KY. This is the download mentioned during our panel discussion. Thank you for attending, and feel free to contact any of us to follow-up.

Download the handout


Presented at the 2017 IACP Conference in Louisville, KY

Karen Solomon, Moderator, Guide for Edible Excursions in San Francisco and Food Writer/Cookbook Author.

Lisa Rogovin, Founder, Edible Excursions in San Francisco. Her career began by designing exclusive culinary jaunts for weekend travelers staying at the Four Seasons in SF. Prior to launching her business, Lisa worked in ad sales for Gourmet Magazine.

Shane Kost, CEO, Chicago Food Planet and the President of Food Tour Pros. He’s given 3500 clients in over 25 countries the tools, training, and guidance to help them build and manage their own food tourism businesses. He produces the annual Global Food Tourism Conference.

Max and Stacy Shireman, Food Guide Food Tours of Louisville. They brought their love of food and travel to Louisville in 2015 by starting the Best Eats of Downtown Louisville tour.

Robbin Gheesling, Founder, Vineyard Adventures, offering wine and culinary tourism services in wine regions across Europe to individuals and groups.

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