Please buy my friends' books

After you've bought 311 copies of EACH of my culinary tomes, I humbly ask that you stock your bedside table with the following:

 Bi-Rite Market's Eat Good Food is sure to be a smash success in SF and beyond. Not only is it amazing recipes (their mujadareh and pear skillet cake I helped test and brother, they are outstanding!) but it's also a shopping guide that no serious foodie can eat without.

 Additionally, Omnivore Books on Food, the all-foodie nerd book supplier, is coming out with their own book – Omnivore's Recipe Keeper. In it I contributed a hand-drawn, handwritten page on making pickled green beans, a super cinchy recipe that Celia liked after i did an event at the store.  By all means, buy, buy, buy.

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