Tons of New Press Coverage!

Just to satiate my mad collection of press coverage for myself and my books, here’s a few links to pieces written of late:


LOVE the title on this one:

Put Up or Put Out with Can It, Bottle It, Smoke It – Seattle Weekly


And on Boston’s Public Radio Kitchen, skilled wordsmith Jaime Lutz pays me one of my most fave compliments to date:

There are a lot of people in the food world who get described as “punk rock” nowadays. Most of them are butchers or Anthony Bourdain, but Solomon – a sweet-looking lady with no visible tattoos in her press photo – deserves the label more than most of them (after all, isn’t making your own ketchup a pretty righteous act of anti-consumerism?).



Rockstar blog Food In Jars graced me not only with a blurb on Can It’s back cover, but also this extremely thoughtful review. Thanks, Marisa!


I wrote a sort of mushy love story for an old cookbook that ran on Eat Your Books. Btw, food nerds: If you’re not already obsessed with this site and all that it can do for recipe hunting, you’re welcome.


And last but not least, I am an Editor’s Pick for Today’s Diet & Nutrition. Not bad for a food writer who encourages you to eat homemade Nutella by the spoonful…



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