Upcoming Pickling Classes, Radio Appearances

Happy Summer, Food Eaters! Surely you’re knee-deep in homemade jam by now.

Karen Solomon with Friday Forum host Dave Iverson and Alex of Cultured Pickled Shop in Berkeley
Karen Solomon with Friday Forum host Dave Iverson and Alex of Cultured Pickled Shop in Berkeley

Just a few notes on upcoming classes in the SF Bay Area, links to a couple of radio show appearances, a book update, and other morsels. And if you like what you’re reading here, be sure to sign up for Pickle News for fresh pickle happenings in your inbox.

– Japanese Pickles talk, July 19, The Women’s Building, with author Matthew Amster-Burton (Hungry Monkey and his new one, Pretty Good Number One)
– Plus more classes to come in the fall!
– From awesome foodie radio show The Splendid Table
I am working on final edits for Asian Pickles, the print book, which will be out in March of 2014. In the interim I have a series of e-cookbooks featuring some of its content, including:
Asian Pickles Japan – featuring umeboshi, wasabi pickled carrots, and more
Asian Pickles Korea – with 16 classic kimchi and banchan ideas
Asian Pickles China – (pre-order now; available in August)
Asian Pickles India –  (pre-order now; available November)
Really? Because you may be the only one. Or my mom. Or both.
Here are some great preserving recipes from my blog and my Saveur.com column to prod your taste buds along –
Key Lime Curd (Saveur)
Happy canning! XoXo,

2 Comments on “Upcoming Pickling Classes, Radio Appearances”

  1. Hi Karen! I just bought your book jam it,pickle it,cure it. And I love it! I made the Regular Ol Tomato Ketchup and it’s great. I heard you on the Splendid Table. I would love to make the plum ketchup. Where can I find that recipe?
    Thanks for the great book!

    1. Hiya Judy! Thanks so much for the kind words; glad you liked the ketchup. The plum ketchup recipe is actually in my other book – Can It, Bottle It, Smoke It. And, if you’re interested, in March of 2014 my new title, Asian Pickles, will have a recipe for banana ketchup as well. Woo hoo! Lots of ketchup! Happy canning…

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