British pub pickle, cheddar cheese, and crackers

Recipe for British Pub Pickle (aka A Chutney Like Branston Pickle)

Cold beer, crusty bread, sliced dry-cured sausage, aged cheddar, possibly some pickled onions – and this pickled gem, a tangy, sweet, and crunchy pickle/chutney that is an essential British condiment for a proper Ploughman’s lunch. In December of 2017 I taught a holiday canning class at Preserved Oakland. This pickle was a part of the class. Pack a jar into […]

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curing olives in a canning jar

DIY: Recipe for Curing Olives at Home

In November, 2017, I gave a workshop at Preserved Oakland on curing, marinating, and serving the unripe olives commonly grown in Northern California’s San Francisco Bay Area. I’m working on a self-published zine (along with amazing artist and graphic designer Arin Fishkin) with lots more specific details on method, sourcing olives, and more; it should be ready for the 2018 […]

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Soft Pretzels Recipe

While I love a crunchy rod or stick as much as the next gal, soft pretzels are the go-to carb-and-salt snack to make at home—because few things on this earth taste this good. And while they are at their best fresh, they are still delightful the next day—just rub them with a bit of water and re-bake for a few […]

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Strawberry Black Pepper Syrup Recipe

In truth, this is actually two recipes: it yields a fruit syrup that is a stunning Day-Glo red starter for bubbling cold beverages, and also its by-product—my most favorite strawberry jam recipe to date. Absolutely do not discard the macerated fruit left over from making the syrup; when tossed in a food processor or food mill with a squeeze of […]

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