How to Bake Cakes in a Jar – Video

While it’s not “canned” per se, canning jars are lovely little vessels for sweet vittles. Here’s my latest video with on baking cakes in a jar. Whipped cream is NOT optional.

3 Comments on “How to Bake Cakes in a Jar – Video”

  1. My wife has been making jar cakes for years before we leave for Burning Man. They stay fresh and moist on the playa (till we open them, but then they’re gone in one sitting :->) and offer a pleasant snack between meals or before bed. I’m glad to see them getting some attention here. Thanks to Rusty on “Laughing Squid” for pointing it out.

  2. A great idea for playa food, as there’s no pesky garbage to haul out (or burn, ugh). Thanks for your thoughts, Phil (and thank YOU, Rusty!)

  3. Just wanted to check this recipe… a friend asked, “No levener?”

    So really just flour, sugar and salt? So it really doesn’t rise, is that it?

    Thank you!

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