New Video: How to Make Soft Pretzels with Karen Solomon

So, it’s cute.  My publisher did this video.  It was filmed in my kitchen – it’s so grassroots you can even see my trash can and the reflection of The Silver Spoon cookbook in the microwave.

The sound is a little wonky, which could very well be because the day we shot this i accidentally dropped the microphone they had attached to me in the toilet (! – this is not a lie!) and then they had to scramble to use a second, less powerful mike. Um, yeah, Ten Speed, sorry ’bout that…

Oh, and one other thing: They give photo credit to Jennifer Martine, who is awesome and who did the photos for my first book. However, actual photo credit for Can It, Bottle It, Smoke It should go to Angie Cao.

Anyway, enjoy it! And know that I have vowed never, ever EVER to read the comments about me on YouTube ever again. So if you have anything to say, say it here.

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