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Favorites: Good Food Awards and Fancy Food Show 2016

I never want to eat food from a folding plastic spoon again – at least not until next year. This past MLK weekend was a whirlwind of sweets, condiments, pickles, oils, meats, cheeses, spirits, beer and everything in-between. San Francisco has kindly and conveniently combined two of the greatest what’s-new-and-great-in-artisan-food events – the Good Food Awards and the Winter Fancy Food […]

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Fermented pickled radishes, daikon, cucumbers, carrots
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Fast Fermented Pickle Recipe – Radish, Daikon, Cucumber & Carrot

This picture is just so bright and sunny… This is a super easy fermented pickle of beautiful vegetables I got from the fall farmers market, and it follows my basic method for easy ferments. In this jar: One bunch of French breakfast radishes, washed and scrubbed really well. I chopped the greens (on the bottom) and sliced the radishes in […]

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FarmCurious fermenting set
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Giveaway for Fermentation Geeks! FarmCurious Fermenting Set

Fellow Pickle Nerds! Our friends at urban homesteading retailer FarmCurious have asked me to test-pickle their very cool fermenting set – this is a great tool for set-it-and-forget-it krauting, kvas’ing, and so much more…. The giveaway info is below. But in the meantime, check it out: It’s a simple concept, really. Any size Mason jar is the perfect vessel – great […]

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