You Don’t Need an E-Reader or an IPad: How to Read an Ebook on Your Desktop or Any Screen

Let’s nerd out together for a moment, shall we?

So I’m in the cookbook business. In my job, it’s tough enough to make sure that all of the cooking world is aware of my fabulous culinary genius. But in my new Asian Pickles series of e-cookbook-lets (featuring four standalone ebooks with a print book coming out in 2014), my second challenge is educating people about how e-books work, and why they’re such a great tool for you, the Home Pickle Chef.

Let me dispel this myth straight away: YOU DO NOT NEED AN IPAD, A KINDLE, A NOOK, OR ANY OTHER SPECIAL E-READER TO READ AN E-BOOK – my e-books, or anyone else’s. Seriously. You don’t. If you have a desktop or a laptop computer (read that as a “regular” computer for you not-too-tech-savvy types), you are still fully equipped.

Just do this: Go to this page on Amazon. You can download free apps that let you read e-books through your browser (meaning Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, or Google Chrome, for my not-too-tech-savvy friends), or directly on your PC or Mac. If you swing that way, you can also download apps that let you read ebooks on your iPhone, iPod touch, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, iPad, Android Tablet, or Windows 8.

Don’t wish to bow to the Amazon gods? TechRepublic reviews and recommends a whole bunch of other apps you might like, such as Calibre and Blio that also work great. Give ‘em a whirl!

Now there’s no reason not to buy an e-cookbook-let from yours truly on the pickles of Korea, Japan, China, or India. And at just $2.99 for 15+ recipes and Jennifer Martine’s stunning photos, it makes total technical and economic sense.

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